Lai Wan Cantonese Kitchen

Dim Sum specialties

Experience a traditional Cantonese atmosphere. Combined with the night market “sampan” boat design of by the Lychee Bay of Xiguan, allowing you to experience the taste of authentic Xiguan flavor.

Restaurant Information


Tel: (86-20) 8333 8989 ext. 3922/3923


2nd Floor

Opening Hours

Mondays to Fridays11:00 - 14:30
17:30 - 00:00
Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays08:30 - 14:30
17:30 - 00:00

About Lai Wan Cantonese Kitchen

A typical Chinese marketplace for serving Cantonese snacks and dishes. The concept originates from the night scene of the famous Lai Chee Wan decades ago. 10 Chinese sampans, each named after a fisher girl, vegetable fences, and banyan trees are special features seen in the restaurant.

Signature Dishes

Shrimp Dumpling and Siu Mai

Barbecue Platter

Baked Sesame Puff Pastry

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