By The Pond

Enjoy Blue Music in the Secret Area

The elegant space Hidden in the garden, nearing the koi pool, and through mysterious glass corridor lost itself in eyeful trees. Appear in front of everyone, there is the elegant Blues Bar, guests can enjoy the live music performances, and immerse in experience times by the outdoor garden, sharing cocktails, wine, whisky, or various drinks of all seasons, and delicate snacks, enjoying the happy hours together.

Restaurant Information


Tel: (86-20) 8333 8989



Opening hours

13:00 - 01:00 (Sunday to Thursday)



About By The Pond

The elegant secret space hides in the 21,000 square meters of natural garden in the city center. On the spot, the blues band sing with all their hearts, and bartenders make a number of selected drinks, let you enjoy a relaxing time in busy time.

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